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Campus adventures

Mini!Doctor accompanied his companion (me) to visit The Boyfriend's room a little while back. He doesn't mind doing domestic to a small degree.

It was lightly raining, and the Doctor got a bit wet on the journey across campus. Aaron, being the kind-hearted individual that he is, managed to find a Doctor-sized blanket for him to get warmed and dried with.

"Is that a Doctor in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
Actually, Aaron looks just a bit miffed that he's got competition for my affections.

The Doctor meets Steve Irwin. He shook his hand, then gave him a very manly hug, which he politely asked me not to show. As we left, he shed a single emo!Doctor tear and whispered "I'm so sorry." *sniff*

Also, just a few days ago, Mini!Doctor went on a sight-seeing tour of the Alderson-Broaddus campus, and enjoyed the lovely fall foliage.

The Doctor poses with the colorful hills of West Virginia and the little town of Philippi behind him.

He examined the fountain for leaks, but made sure not to get too close to the edge. It was a bit too chilly for a swim.

He admired the statue known as Apollo, which is apparently supposed to represent one figure holding another up on his shoulder. The Doctor could see this if he squinted a little. Julie tried to emulate the statue by holding the Doctor up (that's my story and I'm sticking to it! It is not bad photography skills).
It appears that some considerate students decided to give Apollo a fashionable hat. The weather is getting colder, you know.
The Doctor could smell food coming from Heiner Diner (yes, it rhymes! The Doctor had such fun with that) behind Apollo. He was hungry, but got a warning from the local students about the state of the food. He decided to look elsewhere.

"Hmmm, the Cave, eh? Fast-food style restaurant, hangout, and all around happening place! Should I give it a go? Or...wait, what's this? The sonic screwdriver is detecting massive amounts of grease. The readings are off the scale! Ew. Perhaps we should take our chances with Heiner after all..."
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