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Mini!Doctor meets the gang

My boyfriend, wonderful guy that he is, got me my very own Mini!Doctor for my birthday. Being in the States, I don't have any place to get one, and without a credit card, I couldn't buy one internationally from eBay, so this is quite possibly the highlight of my month. Much love to super-boyfriends with PayPal. :o)

He shared a friendly wave with the Babylon 5 bunch who live by the giant lava lamp, but he wasn't quite sure why Sheridan was pointing at him like that. Perhaps he shouldn't have made that comment about Delenn being "beautiful!"

He tried to chat with Indiana Jones, and perhaps offer the services of the sonic screwdriver, but Indy seemed a little bit busy and pretty much ignored him.

Next he met Mulder and Scully. Scully didn't believe he was a real alien, but Mulder was very interested in him. It was almost disturbing, really. He offered to do a little jiggery-pokery with Scully's cell, but she told him that she always managed to get reception when she needed to call Mulder, no matter where she was (unless it was a plot device for her not to get reception), so it wasn't really necessary.

While chatting, a scary looking alien came up behind them and growled. Mulder and Scully were scared, but the Doctor zapped the alien with his sonic screwdriver, which you can't see for reasons of violence-censoring (or, you know, just bad photography skills).

At the end of the shelf, by the rather large houseplant, he met his new Star Wars friends, big!Yoda, Han Solo, muddy!R2-D2, tiny!big-headed!squirty!Emperor, and Kit Fisto, who were hanging out with Napoleon Dynamite. He was quite impressed with Kit Fisto's lightsaber, but not so impressed by Han's blaster, and he didn't exactly enjoy it when the Emperor squirted water on him. Napoleon said "So you and me are pretty much friends now, right?" to him, which he felt was very neighborly.

The Doctor plans to meet some of the other creatures in Julie's room and do a tour of the Alderson-Broaddus campus sometime soon.

This is what I do instead of math.
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