Jennice (jennice) wrote in mini_ten,

Still on the trail...

Mini-ten hasn't been remiss in his adventures, I've just been an overextended reporter on them. Now the continuing adventures of Mini-Ten on his quest to find the trouble in the River City*.
Outside the Avenues Outside the Avenues

Mini-Ten decided to follow the Jacksonville stench to the Avenues Mall
Inside the Avenues Inside the Avenues

Inside the mall he could still smell it but it wasn't the pet store.
Checking the Stairs Checking the Stairs

He checked the stairwell because the funk was overwhelming there.
Is this the source? Is this the source?

He ended up by the dumpster, but it wasn't quite the smell he was looking for.

*Jacksonville is called the River City, it's not just a Music Man reference entirely. :)
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